Technology stack (RatiFi) infusion for CFR: Introductory meet with Chief Welfare Secretary in Jharkhand

RatiFi Application Interface

On 26 October 2022, IoFE Project Specialist Mr. Sandip Choudhury met with Mr. Srinivasan K, the Chief Welfare secretary of Jharkhand state, to discuss the Initiative on the Forest Economy, the adoption of the mobile app RatiFi, and the current status of the Community Forest Resource rights claim filing process. 

Mr. Srinivasan was keen to include RatiFi, an android built mobile application, into the Forest Economy business model, and he did so with enthusiasm. RatiFi will facilitate uniformity, easy and efficient access to evidentiary documents, and rapid scalability. The android built of the app is currently accessible on the Google Play Store.  He proposed multiple applications of RatiFi in the Forestry Service. 

In an effort to support and expedite the CFR process in the pilot blocks of Jharkhand, the Welfare Secretary agreed to meet with the Forest Department. In relation to expanding the acknowledgment of CFR rights, he was optimistic and voiced his approval. He was also enthusiastic about moving the CFR claims procedure online and offered to host subdomains for use by welfare department employees. After the CFR titles are given, he suggested assigning a settlement officer to ensure accurate Record of Rights documentation in the government office. He pledged full support for the project and agreed to produce letters establishing Simdega district administration’s ownership and prioritization of CFR. 

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