Maha Gram Sabha Formation of 24 GS in Malkangiri, Odisha: Self-Governance for Sustainable Growth of Forests and Livelihoods

The day of the formation of Maha Gram Sabha witnessed vibrant communities filled with boundless enthusiasm.

On April 18, 2023, a significant event unfolded as the Jakhalkundi Gram Sabha orchestrated the highly anticipated Kalimela Maha Gram Sabha. This gathering proved to be a momentous occasion, with the active participation of elected members from 24 Gram Sabhas. Over 200 Gram Sabha members graced the event, showcasing their commitment to the governance of the communities and forest resources. 

The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm as the Sarpanch, Samiti Sabhya, and Ward members, along with the esteemed Peda and Challans of Manyamkonda and Telrai GPs, joined the ranks of the Kalimela Maha Gram Sabha. Their presence symbolized the unity and collaborative spirit shared among the Gram Sabhas, fostering a sense of solidarity in their collective pursuit of governance. 

During this historic gathering, the formation of a working body emerged as a pivotal step toward effective governance and decision-making. 15 individuals were chosen to serve as members of this dedicated group. These committed individuals would play a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning and seamless operations of the Kalimela Maha gram Sabha. 

With the establishment of the working body and the appointment of advisors, the Kalimela MGS took a giant leap forward. By bringing together representatives from all 24 revenue villages, this Sabha aimed to channel the aspirations and concerns of the local community into concrete actions and positive change. Embodying the spirit of participatory democracy, the Maha Gram Sabha stands as a beacon of hope, enabling better bargaining for seasonal forest resources and fostering collective participation in large-scale sales to uplift livelihoods. 

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