Commencement of Carbon Sequestration Pilot in Simdega, Jharkhand: Hiring Announcement for Interns

ISB-TCS partnership “Forest Carbon Stock Assessment Pilot -Sky and Earth Convergence Carbon” pilot project‘s fieldwork will start from May 2023 in Simdega, Jharkhand. BIPP-ISB is hiring 60 interns from Simdega to participate in collecting data on different parameters related to carbon stocks in randomly selected 600 (30x30m) plots under tech team supervision. The objective of the project is to monitor and estimate Tropical Forest carbon stocks in the Sal Vegetation (66 trees,30 shrubs,57 herbs) in the Kolebira, Bano, and Jaldega blocks of Simdega, Jharkhand. During this one-month internship, interns will be awarded lifelong learning, a certificate, a field kit, and a stipend of 5,000 rupees.  

Background of the Project:  ISB signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services LTD) in December 2022 to support the IoFE team’s leading efforts in developing a profitable business model for forest communities that includes sustainability. The partnership aims to advance innovation in using technology to monitor forests and their products for societal development. 

The operationalization aspect of the pilot can be grouped into the following four areas: (a) Data availability and access; (b) Processing and computational performance; (c) Uncertainty management; and (d) Standardisation and protocols. Understanding the appropriate technology requirements to contribute towards enhancing productivity and resource conservation is crucial for innovating solutions. The Initiative on Forest Economy sets to empower the collectors of seasonal forest products, especially women, by developing such technologies.  

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